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The Rendezvous Team

Ann and Jacqui met when working together several years ago. Whilst at a social event, chatting about life, family, love and the “what ifs” they both agreed that life is challenging at the best of times and relationships are difficult a lot of the time!

Conversation led to how meeting a partner is so different for singles now and how daunting the internet can be to people of 40 plus.

Why should people of a more mature age be on their own but how do people get to meet without the internet option? This prompted them to get their heads together and they came up with Perfect Rendezvous, a Personal Matchmaking Agency offering a dating service for the over 40’s at a personal and exclusive level.

Ann and Jacqui are really passionate and dedicated to bringing the right people together. They know, for most, it isn’t an overnight success so they ask all members to be realistic in their expectations of meeting the right person. But taking this first step on a journey of discovery is the most important part of the adventure.

No-one comes knocking on your door – you have to be in it to win. So give us a call – we care and will do everything we can to make those dreams come true for you.

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